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NPT Capitol: Will Margo run again?

The Capitol enjoys its fair share of gossip and rumor. One such rumor currently doing the rounds is that El Paso Businessman and Republican Party member, Dee Margo might run again in 2010.

Margo lost in 2008 to state Rep Joe Moody (District 78) which prompted a tempestuous outburst from his son Don Margo.

Apart from the rumor,the Margo’s have been quite busy lately appearing in articles in the El Paso Times and El Paso Inc. Margo’s El Paso Times piece attacked straight ticket voting in wake of the Barraza scandal.

“He (Barraza) was elected due in a large part to a tidal wave of straight-ticket voting — along with every other Democrat in El Paso County.I should know. I appeared on that same ballot in a race for state representative and was “consumed” by that tidal wave as well,” Margo said.

Could this be the opening salvo in 3rd campaign push?

Margo’s campaign website pages from the fall still come up in a google search but when you try to access them, them have been disabled. Margo’s old campaign line is still active but sends you straight through to voice mail.

Margo was in a meeting when NPT phoned him, and so was not available for comment


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April 21, 2009 at 1:12 pm

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NPT Capitol: Moody and Marquez budget amendments fail

marquezEl Paso freshman state Reps Marisa Marquez and Joe Moody, both failed to amend the budget Friday afternoon. The two lawmakers, in back-to-back amendments, were both blocked for the same reason – their amendments created general law, which under House rules, (R. 8, Sec. 4) cant be done by an appropriations bill.

moody1Moody’s amendment concerned what he called “pay to politics” and would have prohibited funds from the Texas Enterprise and Emergency Technology funds being awarded to companies if any of their officers or directors had in the previous two years, “made a political contribution to the governor, lieutenant governor or speaker of the House in the preceding two years.”

Marquez’s amendment, in light of the AIG bonus scandal would have prohibited funds going from TEF and ETF sources to companies that had laid off 25 workers or more in the previous year, but had also given bonuses to executives worth more than 1% of their base salary.

–Ben Wright

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April 17, 2009 at 2:02 pm

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