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NPT Capitol: Moody and Marquez budget amendments fail

marquezEl Paso freshman state Reps Marisa Marquez and Joe Moody, both failed to amend the budget Friday afternoon. The two lawmakers, in back-to-back amendments, were both blocked for the same reason – their amendments created general law, which under House rules, (R. 8, Sec. 4) cant be done by an appropriations bill.

moody1Moody’s amendment concerned what he called “pay to politics” and would have prohibited funds from the Texas Enterprise and Emergency Technology funds being awarded to companies if any of their officers or directors had in the previous two years, “made a political contribution to the governor, lieutenant governor or speaker of the House in the preceding two years.”

Marquez’s amendment, in light of the AIG bonus scandal would have prohibited funds going from TEF and ETF sources to companies that had laid off 25 workers or more in the previous year, but had also given bonuses to executives worth more than 1% of their base salary.

–Ben Wright

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April 17, 2009 at 2:02 pm

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NPT Capitol: Marquez on Craddick D speculation, Chavez

marquezYesterday afternoon, NPT caught up with state Rep. Marisa Marquez, who wanted to respond to comments made by state Rep Norma Chavez, about the two El Paso politicians’ relationship.

Chavez said she had given”110 per cent” to Marquez’s election in the 2008 primary but that the District 77 Rep. “wanted complete distance from me after she was elected.” Marquez disputed this.

“It is completely untrue that I asked her to leave me alone. That is not the case. I need any member of the delegation’s support on any of the issues I choose to take on for District 77, especially given the experience of Pickett and Chavez,” said Marquez.

“There were a lot of people who gave 110 to 200 per cent, a lot of people that were invested in my election. It as not just Norma Chavez. I am grateful, I have given her thanks on many public occasions, on the radio, in the newspaper and I find it very disheartening that it is still not good enough,” said Marquez.

NPT asked Marquez about speculation last year that she was a Craddick D (Democrats supportive of former House speaker Tom Craddick) and Chavez’s creature. [link]

“Those are two thing don’t allow for any sense of independence. Being lumped in with the “Craddick Ds” certainly was not fair because I had no history of voting with Craddick. I had no history in the political arena,” Marquez said. “Because I received money form the business community doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to fall in place and that I have to be a Craddick D just because they supported Craddick.”

chavez“As for being Chavez’s creature, I think that will come from just people supporting you. Am I my fathers creature? He supported me… It’s the people who put me here, the individuals who went to the polls on March 4th (2008), those are the people I’m responsible to,” Marquez said.

Marquez said it was clear during her campaign that she was not beholden to anybody.

“Just pigeon holing people is not appropriate, it’s not right,” Marquez said. “To rubber stamp me with particular money and say ‘that’s going to happen’, I don’t think is fair.”

–Ben Wright

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April 7, 2009 at 11:22 am

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NPT Capitol: Marquez, others make sausage to stick it to lenders

The don’t call the legislative process making sausage for nothing. State Rep. Marisa Marquez, has gotten together with a bunch of other legislators over the issue of payday lending, an issue NPT has covered here, here and here. Each state rep have filed bills on the issue, but now will hold a press conference on Wednesday to united behind a single omnibus bill.

Expect more sausage making on Wednesday in the Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee. Chairman Ed Kuempel will be attempting to hammer out an omnibus constitutional amendment enabling statewide gambling. State Rep. Norma Chavez will be there to ensure that language covering the Tiguas are included.

Read Marquez’s press release after the jump

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April 7, 2009 at 10:29 am

NPT Capitol: Everybody loves Marquez

marquezState Rep Marisa Marquez’s committee assignments rock, according to Veronica Escobar, Willy Gandera and Anthony Cobos, especially County Affairs.

“The committee is central to the organization, creation, boundaries, government, and finance of counties. County Affairs is also key in determining the compensation and duties of county officers and employees, and districts for electing governing bodies within counties,’ said Marquez’s press release.

Marquez also got in to EPISD’s good books, by filing a bill that would provide more state reimbursement for school districts when it comes to transportation costs.

“The El Paso Independent is extremely pleased to see that Representative Marisa Marquez is proposing a bill that increases the transportation reimbursement that school districts receive from the state. Our district applauds Representative Marquez for taking the initiative on this critical issue,” said Dr. Edward Gabaldon of EPISD.

— Ben Wright

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February 21, 2009 at 9:50 am