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NPT Capitol: Berman on illegal immigration and abortion

Yesterday, state Reps Leo Berman, R-Tyler and Rafael Anchia, D-Dallas debated about immigration at an event put on by the Texas Employers for Immigration Reform. Angry words were exchanged, including Berman telling a Dallas Lawyer of Chinese American descent to “go home.” [link]

Berman also suggested, as quoted in the El Paso Times, that if $50 million fetuses had not been aborted since 1973, America would have no need for illegal Mexican labor.

While these sentiments are obviously unacceptable for any elected official, let’s pretend for a few moments that the logic is sound: If so, surely Berman is on the wrong track. Instead of less abortions in America, he should support more abortions in Mexico. That way, there wont be a labor surplus. In fact Berman could support gay marriage legislation in Mexico as well – that might also bring down the birth rate.

I’ll suggest this to Berman when I next bump into him at the Capitol. Though being English, I might get told to “go home” as well.

Ben Wright

Written by newspapertreeelpaso

February 19, 2009 at 10:56 am

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