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NPT Capitol: Perry and Dewhurst: Look, listen before you abort

cimg9957Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst spoke out in favor of SB 182 sponsored by Houston Senator Dan Patrick, which would require any woman seeking an abortion, to first have the opportunity to hear the heartbeat and see an ultrasound image of the fetus. The bill is being carried in the House by Frank Corte, R-San Antonio.

The press conference begun with a woman who had had an abortion, but believed she may have changed her mind if given proper access to a sonogram before undergoing the procedure. The press conference also featured a pregnant women undergoing a live sonogram, which was projected on a pull down screen adjacent to the speakers.

Dewhurst, who popped in for five minutes, spoke for two and left, invoked Reagan saying that a fetus must be given the benefit of the doubt when it came to debating it’s humanity. As such, a fetus was entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

“Too often we see abortions that don’t need to happen…I my heart, I believe most people want to see less abortions and more adoptions,” said Dewhurst who thinks the legislation may lead women seeking abortions to a change of heart.

After Dewhurst left, a doctor explained the fetal images on the pull down screen to reporters, “just like you see at home on your LCD screens.” Using a laser pen, he outlined the head, heart and ring of amniotic fluid that allowed the fetus to, “jump around, float around (and) move around.”

““You cant go in and say that is a blob of tissue…we really want to promote the fact that this is a live person,” said the doctor.

If passed, the bill would “give a women the see not a baby but her baby,” said Senator Patrick.

Governor Perry, will also make a speech this morning on the steps of the Capitol building in support of the legislation.


Written by newspapertreeelpaso

February 24, 2009 at 10:37 am