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NPT Capitol: Shapleigh weighs in on the science/evolution debate

State Senator Elliot Shapleigh has weighed in on the current debate among Texas State Board of Education members over Texas’ science curriculum. The increasingly heated debate centers around the “strengths and weaknesses” language, tentatively dropped in January by the SBOE. The SBOE is pretty evenly split, but significantly social conservatives are in the minority (7 out of 15 by most counts). Read the New York Times article about it here.

Here’s what Shapleigh had to say:

“Allowing scientifically unfounded arguments and theories to be taught in our public schools discounts science in favor of religious ideology, and religious ideology has no place in our public school system.
Maintaining the “strengths and weaknesses” language in our science curriculum would undermine science education in our public schools and, frankly, places Texas at a competitive disadvantage, both in terms of
education and attracting 21st century businesses into our state.”

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March 27, 2009 at 10:58 am

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