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NPT Capitol: Final draft of gambling HJR circulating, Tiguas in

The final (well…probably the final) draft of House Licensing Chair Ed Kuempel’s omnibus gambling bill has begun circulating the capitol. Language authorizing the Tigua Indians to re-open Speaking Rock Casino remains included.

According to one Austin source (armed with a spread sheet) the bills backers have 87 yeas, 45 nays and 34 maybes – that totals 166 house members, meaning that some House member’s names appear in two categories (i.e. maybe leaning yes, maybe leading no).

The draft tidies up a few parts of the previous draft making it narrower in scope.

Firstly the definition of “coastal barrier Islands” is narrowed to islands 25 miles in length connected to the mainland by bridges. “Dredge spoil islands” at least 18 miles in length in coastal islands are added in too. “Populous Metropolitan areas” remains the rather vaguely coded nod to Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and Houston developing Vegas style resorts – but does El Paso count as a “populous metropolitan area”? Could other small cities one day be classed as “populous metropolitan areas”?

The section authorizing Tigua and Coushatta gambling has words that limit operations to El Paso and Polk Counties added in. This seems to be to prevent other Indian tribes outside the state using the section to claim that they can set up shop in Texas.

Read the full resolution after the jump.

–Ben Wright

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April 30, 2009 at 4:37 pm

NPT Capitol: Marquez on Craddick D speculation, Chavez

marquezYesterday afternoon, NPT caught up with state Rep. Marisa Marquez, who wanted to respond to comments made by state Rep Norma Chavez, about the two El Paso politicians’ relationship.

Chavez said she had given”110 per cent” to Marquez’s election in the 2008 primary but that the District 77 Rep. “wanted complete distance from me after she was elected.” Marquez disputed this.

“It is completely untrue that I asked her to leave me alone. That is not the case. I need any member of the delegation’s support on any of the issues I choose to take on for District 77, especially given the experience of Pickett and Chavez,” said Marquez.

“There were a lot of people who gave 110 to 200 per cent, a lot of people that were invested in my election. It as not just Norma Chavez. I am grateful, I have given her thanks on many public occasions, on the radio, in the newspaper and I find it very disheartening that it is still not good enough,” said Marquez.

NPT asked Marquez about speculation last year that she was a Craddick D (Democrats supportive of former House speaker Tom Craddick) and Chavez’s creature. [link]

“Those are two thing don’t allow for any sense of independence. Being lumped in with the “Craddick Ds” certainly was not fair because I had no history of voting with Craddick. I had no history in the political arena,” Marquez said. “Because I received money form the business community doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to fall in place and that I have to be a Craddick D just because they supported Craddick.”

chavez“As for being Chavez’s creature, I think that will come from just people supporting you. Am I my fathers creature? He supported me… It’s the people who put me here, the individuals who went to the polls on March 4th (2008), those are the people I’m responsible to,” Marquez said.

Marquez said it was clear during her campaign that she was not beholden to anybody.

“Just pigeon holing people is not appropriate, it’s not right,” Marquez said. “To rubber stamp me with particular money and say ‘that’s going to happen’, I don’t think is fair.”

–Ben Wright

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April 7, 2009 at 11:22 am

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