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NPT Capitol: Dem candidate for Gov, a good friend of W

Tom Schieffer declared his intention to become the Democratic candidate for Governor today at the Capitol.

Schieffer is a former US ambassador to Japan and Australia. He was appointed by President George W. Bush. The two men are close friends, who in the past have been business partners, Schieffer told reporters today.

“The President asked me to serve my country…he did not ask me to serve the Republican party,” said Schieffer. When pressed he told reporters he had voted for Bush when he ran for Texas Governor and U.S. President. When asked what he thought of Bush’s time in office, Schieffer said, “He’s my friend. I tried to serve his presidency as best I could because I thought it was in the interests of the country.” Schieffer was keen to stress his Democratic credentials, pointing out he also voted for Obama in the primary and general elections of 2008 because, he possesses the, “intellectual capacities to change America.”

“I’m not new to the Democratic party,” said Schieffer describing how he remembered campaigning with his mother who was a part of “Ladies for Lydon” in 1960. Schieffer portrayed himself as a moderate business friendly Democrat.

“Just having a good business climate is not the only thing you do… I’m convinced that after being abroad that if we don’t recognize that education is the foundation of a good business climate, then we’re going to fall behind,” said Schieffer, adding that the jobs of the future were based in the “knowledge a based economy.”

–Ben Wright

You can watch video of Schieffer’s press conference (courtesy of Burnt Orange Report) after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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March 2, 2009 at 4:34 pm