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Commissioner Dan Haggerty will run again

County Commissioner Dan Haggerty was in attendance at the Cobos fund-raiser last night, and had good words about Cobos.

“He’s working hard not to raise taxes and following through. I sit there every year saying ‘we’re not going to raise taxes we’re not going to raise taxes’ and they look at me like I’m crazy. This guy’s really doing that,” Haggerty said.

That said, Haggerty said he didn’t plan to endorse anyone. “I’m running my own campaign,” he said.

Was that an official announcement? “Yes, but you’re the first to know.”

Haggerty said he’s on his fourth term, 16 years, and one more four-year term would make him a 20-year commissioner. When asked why he didn’t try to run for county judge, he responded: “Run for judge? This white boy Republican? Please.”

Haggerty pointed out that the County Courthouse has more than 100 elected officials — “180, someone once told me,” he said — and there are only two Republicans in the bunch, himself and Justice of the Peace Bruce King.


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July 29, 2009 at 1:54 pm

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Faces in the crowd at the Cobos fund-raiser

Heard it was well-attended. County Judge Anthony Cobos was introduced by Chuy Reyes, brother of U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes. Others in attendance included judicial candidates Yahara Lisa Gutierrez, Angie Barill, and Julie Gonzalez. Former city Rep. and county commissioner candidate Alejandro Lozano was there. Any other political celebrities?

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CQ: U.S. Rep. Reyes has no competition in El Paso

That’s how Congressional Quarterly pegs it. The publication’s ranking of House races has the seat as “safe,” although it only looks at Republican v. Democratic, and does not account for primary challenges or challenges from independents. So, anyone want to calculate the odds of a Republican surprise challenger making an impact, or a primary or independent challenge? Didn’t think so …

Here is the list of rated House campaigns.

Here is what CQ has for a Reyes profile.

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Why wouldn’t an international bridge be at Yarbrough? Makes perfect sense … on the Mexican side.

If you go to Google maps and search for “yarbrough el paso texas” and click satellite view and then position the map so you can see both sides of the border you’ll see a road/highway on the Mexican side within spitting distance of the Bermudez maquilaplex pointed straight at Yarbrough. If you follow the road/highway on the Mexican side south it goes to the massive maquila complexes surrounding the Juarez airport. Looks like a lack of planning and/or bi-national cooperation has allowed a situation to evolve where what makes perfect sense on the Mexican side doesn’t make so much sense for a neighborhood on the U.S. side. Any other thoughts? Here’s a story from Diario published in June and posted on the Strelz forum via a chat forum on Juarez urban issues (link):

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