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Liz Kern, former EP anchor, fabulously wealthy (for a day)

From Fresno television station KFSN:

When Liz Kern checked her bank balance she got a surprise. A big surprise. A really big surprise. It showed a balance of more than 850 million dollars. Liz said, “I’m an almost billionaire. Not quite Bill Gates or Dell, but, I’m feeling up there. I’m feeling real good about this.”

Liz and her husband Robie just moved here from Texas. They are excited to be Fresno’s almost billionaire’s. She said, “I can’t quite spend it because it’s not really mine but I’m just looking at this going … well, what could I do with this money?”

They know it’s a mistake. The actual deposit was one thousand dollars. But they’ll admit to doing some daydreaming. “It’s like what would you do with all this money…go to Disneyland? No, I would buy Disneyland,” said Liz.

Liz went online to correct the problem. In an online chat with a bank representative, they assured her the problem would be taken care of in a few hours.


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July 14, 2009 at 12:29 pm

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Wealthy, attractive and female: A different face for drug smuggling

From the Houston Chronicle:

Three striking sisters, women in their 20s from the Mexican metropolis of Monterrey, were riding in the back of a late-model minivan with friends toward the shopping malls of Houston, when a Laredo customs agent noticed something out of place.

The driver of the white 2005 Chrysler Voyager with Nuevo Leon plates, a 42-year-old hairdresser, seemed a bit too nervous for a northbound shopper at the No. 2 International bridge. And inspectors noticed that the women appeared overly voluptuous, particularly in the bust, thighs and bottom.

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July 14, 2009 at 11:55 am

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Shapleigh, United Way will train ’em up

News release from the office of state Sen. Eliot Shapleigh:

Emerging Leaders Capitol Retreat

“Vigorous new leadership nourishes the future of every great community. Taking emerging leaders to Austin will educate them on how to get things done. Best of all we get a bike trip at the end!”


EL PASO – On August 20 – August 23, 2009 at the Texas Capitol in Austin, Texas Senator Eliot Shapleigh (D- El Paso) and United Way of El Paso County’s Young Leaders Society to host El Paso’s Young Professionals Capitol Retreat. Leaders will gain valuable skills that will inspire them to return and continue to be great leaders for the El Paso community.

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July 14, 2009 at 11:48 am

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