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Bowden: Mexico’s narco-military dictatorship and the law of fear

Two excerpts from the Charles Bowden article in Mother Jones titled We Bring Fear:

There are two Mexicos.

There is the one reported by the US press, a place where the Mexican president is fighting a valiant war on drugs, aided by the Mexican Army and the Mérida Initiative, the $1.4 billion in aid the United States has committed to the cause. This Mexico has newspapers, courts, laws, and is seen by the United States government as a sister republic.

It does not exist.

There is a second Mexico where the war is for drugs, where the police and the military fight for their share of drug profits, where the press is restrained by the murder of reporters and feasts on a steady diet of bribes, and where the line between the government and the drug world has never existed.


EMILIO GUTIÉRREZ SOTO and his attorney Carlos Spector sit inside the sanctuary of the United States but the violence of Mexico never lets up. On Tuesday, March 3, four Mexican soldiers visit a friend of Carlos’ in Juárez and hand him a photograph. He does not yet know it, but at that instant, Carlos moves from knowing Mexico to feeling its breath on the back of his neck. In the photo, Carlos is wearing a blue suit and entering the El Paso County Courthouse. The photograph was taken the previous Thursday.

The soldiers say, “Your friend is a criminal and we are looking for him. Tell him to get ahold of us.”

Outside, more men wait in a Hummer.

Carlos gets the call from his friend and falls into his new life. He spent half his childhood living in Juárez. He moves freely and easily in two worlds. And now this seamless web is slashed in half.


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July 7, 2009 at 1:10 pm

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  1. They received money to fight the cartel war, military equipment, training for the miiitary and law enforcement and crime intelligence information. Technical support from experts. Moral support.

    What’s left, an invasion. That would be a political disaster.

    It up to the Mexican people as to when theyve had enough and fight. You cant fight or lead from the rear. Why should you have to leave your country?


    July 7, 2009 at 4:24 pm

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