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El Paso sweats, but not as much as Phoenix

News release from Old Spice. Yeah, it’s a gimmick to get them attention. Works for us. We’re No. 13 on the list. But we want our No. 1 ranking!

Old Spice Recognizes Phoenix as America’s Undisputed Sweatiest City:

Concludes Eight Years of Analyzing Summertime Sweating Across America, and Reveals Top 20 All-Time Sweatiest Cities

CINCINNATI, July 1 /PRNewswire/ — Old Spice, the nation’s leading male anti-perspirant/deodorant brand, today named reigning champion Phoenix the “Undisputed Sweatiest City” in celebration of summer – and in preparation for many summers to come. As the final year for this popular summertime study, Old Spice is also recognizing the Top-20 All-Time Sweatiest Cities, hot spots across the country that burned up the charts year after year.

“As temperatures heat up this summer, people across the country can’t help but think about the sweat that comes with the season – and Old Spice developed its annual Sweatiest Cities rankings as a fun way to get them talking about the problem and how to cope with it,” said James Moorhead, Old Spice deodorant brand manager. “There’s no denying that Phoenix is one hot city in the summer. They’ve taken the title six out of the eight years we’ve done the study, so we’re naming them ‘Undisputed Sweatiest City.'”

To earn top spot as “Undisputed Sweatiest City,” Phoenix’s average temperature was 94 degrees in June, July and August during 2001-2008, resulting in the average Phoenix resident producing 27.7 ounces of sweat per hour (more than 2 cans of soda). With scorching temperatures often in the triple digits, Phoenix truly lives up to its nickname the Valley of the Sun, taking this top honor in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and again in 2009. As the “Unidisputed Sweatiest City,” Old Spice is sending Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon 94 sticks of deodorant – a nod to the city’s average summer temperature – to donate to his charity of choice.

Other Study Highlights
— Don’t mess with Texas! The Lone Star State sweats big, with seven
cities appearing in the Top-20 All-Time Sweatiest Cities. San Antonio
comes in at No. 2, followed by Dallas (No. 4), Houston (No. 5), El
Paso (No. 13), Waco (No. 15), Austin (No. 16) and Corpus Christi (No.
19). Collectively, these seven cities produce more than 1.3 million
gallons of sweat each summer – enough to fill the 400,000-gallon
Dolphin Bay at the Texas State Aquarium more than three times!

— Another Gulf state, Florida, also dominates the list. The Sunshine
State is home to 25 percent of the Top-20 All-Time Sweatiest Cities.
Miami comes in at No. 7, followed by West Palm Beach (No. 8), Tampa
(No. 9), Orlando (No. 10) and Fort Myers (No. 14). Although Texas has
more cities on the list, Florida actually comes out on top when it
comes to quantity of sweat (due to larger populations). Collectively,
the five Florida cities produce nearly 2 million gallons of sweat –
enough to fill Shamu’s tank in about 3.25 hours (that’s 6.5 million

Brought to You By the Sweat Experts at Old Spice

1. Phoenix, AZ
2. San Antonio, TX
3. Las Vegas, NV
4. Dallas, TX
5. Houston, TX
6. New Orleans, LA
7. Miami, FL
8. West Palm Beach, FL
9. Tampa, FL
10. Orlando, FL
11. Memphis, TN
12. Tucson, AZ
13. El Paso, TX
14. Fort Myers, FL
15. Waco, TX
16. Austin, TX
17. Birmingham, AL
18. Shreveport, LA
19. Corpus Christi, TX

20. Mobile, AL

Tips to Stay Cool, Dry and Sweat Free This Summer
— Water – Drink plenty of fluids to replace what you lose through
perspiration – at least eight to 10 glasses of water per day – more if
you’re outdoors and very active.
— Replace Salt and Minerals – Sweating removes salt and minerals from
the body. If participating in a strenuous activity where you
anticipate heavy perspiration, drink fruit juices and sports beverages
to replace the lost minerals.
— Choose Clothes Wisely – Wear lightweight, light-colored clothes that
breathe easily.

— Reduce Sweat Output and Stay Odor Free – Use an
anti-perspirant/deodorant daily such as Old Spice, offering a product
line-up that will keep guys smelling and looking their best even on
the hottest, muggiest summer days.


The Sweatiest Cities rankings are based on computer simulations of the amount of sweat a person of average height and weight would produce walking around for an hour in the average temperatures during the summer months, based on historical weather data during June, July and August from 2001-2008 for each city.


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