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Forget green cards; red’s the new rage

Folks, the number of ideas out there is truly amazing, as is our capacity to generate, collect and collate data through the Internet. Pandora’s Box, indeed!

The White House. The Red Card. Why Not?

Why Isn’t Helen Krieble Invited to the Immigration Reform Meeting?

WASHINGTON, June 22 /PRNewswire/ — While leaders discuss citizenship, taxes, legalization, and i.d. cards this Thursday at the White House meeting on Immigration Reform – all essentials of The Red Card Solution – the solution itself, from businesswoman Helen Krieble, is apparently not invited.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 23, Krieble takes The Red Card Solution to the Library of Congress and that afternoon at 5:30 debuts a mini-documentary at the National Press Club Ballroom. The documentary includes Luis Cortez, head of Esperanza, host of the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast (where the President announced the new White House meeting date). The panel after the mini-documentary features Alberto Avendano from El Tiempo Latino; Helen Krieble of The Red Card Solution; Steve Moore from the Wall Street Journal; James Carafano, Heritage Foundation; Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works; and Mario Lopez, Hispanic Leadership Fund.

The Red Card Solution uses an i.d. card to drive legal placement of temporary foreign workers in seasonal U.S. jobs. Involving neither amnesty nor citizenship, The Red Card provides a simple way for illegal U.S. workers to go home and return to the US with legal job assignments-with freedom to cross borders to and from those jobs. Employers’ labor needs are met; the borders are secured; workers get work; while in the U.S., workers pay wage taxes. Everyone wins.

Several unions see the Krieble system with great interest.

Democratic Leaders Echo the Card’s Features

Meanwhile immigration-reform leaders extol the viability of The Red Card elements:

“A ‘forgery-proof’ worker ID card, secured with biometric data such as fingerprints, is an idea favored by Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y), the new chairman of the immigration subcommittee. Schumer, who will lead the effort to craft the Senate’s comprehensive immigration overhaul legislation, called the card the best way to ensure that all workers were authorized,” Teresa Wantanabe wrote in the June 16, 2009, LA Times.

Immigration problems-the workers’ desire for work and the U.S. need to fill jobs for seasonal hire-have long vexed U.S. Presidents. President Obama vowed to make it a priority in his first year. Wantanabe observes that as the immigration reform debate reheats, some experts believe one of the biggest and most controversial new elements will be a proposed national worker identification card for all Americans.

How The Red Card Solution Works

“The Red Card Solution is not about citizenship, it’s about work. It’s about workers and employers and the ability to come together legally,” Krieble says.

Currently millions of undocumented foreign workers cost U.S. citizens billions of dollars annually in border patrol, uncollected taxes, education, health care, and corrections expenses. With The Red Card Solution:

Taxes are collected on wages paid to legal, temporary workers. (Currently, in many cases, no taxes are collected.)
Temporary workers paying taxes will cover their fair share of social services currently provided at taxpayers’ expense.
Money and resources currently pouring into border security will be better used as border patrol agents focus less on fewer illegal workers and more on criminals and terrorists.

The costs of the private-sector program are entirely funded by user fees, not tax dollars.

One of the solution’s strongest features is its funding from private enterprise.

“The Red Card Solution is underwritten when employers pay to list jobs with the private employment services opening offices in foreign countries,” Krieble said. “That means business, not taxpayers, will foot the bill. Free markets are freed do what they do best: link employers who need a service with workers who can provide it.”

Congressional Advanced Screening: Tues., June 23, 10 AM: Library of Congress (Member’s Room LJ162) advance screening of “The Red Card Solution” mini-documentary; Q&A after with Helen Krieble. Refreshments.

Cocktail Premiere: Tues., June 23, 5:30 PM: National Press Club (Ballroom) debut of “The Red Card Solution” mini-documentary and panel discussion: Helen Krieble, The Red Card Solution; Alberto Avendano, El Tiempo Latino; Steve Moore, WSJ; James Carafano, Heritage Foundation; Matt Kibbe, Freedom Works.

Helen Krieble Media Availability: Wed., June 24, by appointment: Businesswoman and The Red Card Solution creator discussing the solution and what’s missing from the President’s agenda.

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