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Savage humor: El Paso’s political funny pages

El Paso has some good political satirists. Among the best are two that haven’t updated since spring, El Paso Fake News and El Paso’s Actually Funny Fake News. Among those that continue to post regularly:

El Paso Sun:


— Excerpt: According to some stories I just saw on the news and read online, more people are being killed once again in Juarez and other Mexican areas just across the border from El Paso, Texas.


Refuse the Juice (ok, this is not always satire, but once in a while it is, and this is a good one):

— Current headline: “What local celeb should I write about next? Working titles”

— Excerpt from the list:

Norma Chavez’s Torture Techniques

Marisa Marquez’s favorite drinks

Who is Steve Ortega Dating?

I’m stuck living in the northeast and I’m out 30 large – the Melina Castro story

Dance lessons with Susie Byrd and Veronica Escobar

Removing your opponent’s spine through his rectum – Teresa Caballero on the art of negotiation

Why I did it – Senator Shapleigh takes credit for everything

I’m no bike messenger, I’m your councilman – poems by Beto O’Rourke


The Avocadoan

— Headline: “Capitol Hills and Gay People”

— It is rumored that the oh-so-divisive issue of gay marriage may result in two opposite parts of El Paso uniting. In response to the demonstration held in favor of gay rights Downtown, the ignorant and uneducated conservatives of El Paso’s East Side (or as its residents call it, East Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyud!!!) and Lower (Mission) Valley have realized they have something in common with the WASPy, religious zealots of the West Side. “We don’t agree on much, or anything at all, but we’re all insecure when it comes to gay people we don’t even know getting married,” said one member of the potential alliance.

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