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Lomas de Poleo: Hearing today, and further efforts for the residents, including letters to Clinton

An e-mail coming across the wires, followed by a sample letter that people have been sending to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

Lomas del Poleo Update, June 15, 2009

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Residents of Lomas del Poleo:

As always, thank you for the many ways you have been accompanying la gente de Lomas: writing letters to Hilary Clinton and other officials, sharing the story with your friends and wider commuities, financial support, and, above all, your prayers that the people will be safe, the Zaragozas and their minions converted and the land dispute resolved, peacefully, and according to the constitution and laws of Mexico.

This past week there have been protests by the families and supporters of the primary school– Alfredo Nava Sahagun–most recently, at the Electrical Commission, CFE, demanding the transformer illegally removed by the Commission be restored: the link follows but may have to be pasted into your browser. The other protest was last week at the SEP (Secretaria Educacion Publica) demanding that the abuse, threats and direct violence of the brothers Jorge and Pedro Zaragoza against the school cease immediately. In particular, the action of one of the Supervisors of the Zone, Blassa Serrano, has tried to shut down the school and force the children to attend the school in the relocation zone, set up by the Zaragozas thru their surrogates, the Municipal government of Juarez. Again, the link follows:
In an update from ForoLomasdelPoleo, Cristina and Juan Carlos report that Galilea Hernandez Zuniga, from Alfredo Nava Sahagun Primary School in Lomas, won the First Prize in Academics, in the western zone of the Juarez public school system. She is one of the 72 remaining children in the school which is under threat and harrassment, daily, when the students have to pass thru the gates illegally controlled by the guards paid by Pedro and Jorge Zaragoza Fuentes.

On Monday, June 8, I spoke to City Representative Beto O’Rourke’s weekly community meeting. It was a small group but very interested in and sympathetic to the plight of the Lomas residents when they heard the story. We are visiting the City Councillors to ask their their support for a City Council Resolution condemning the violence and demanding the situation be resolved peacefully and in accordance with the law. Rep. Steve Ortega has invited me to come on a radio program he hosts this Wednesday between 230 and 400pm. I believe there is a call-in period, so if you want to offer support or enlightenment to the wider El Paso community, please call.

Finally, tomorrow, Tuesday, June 16, the residents are going down to Chihuahua to the Agrarian Tribunal for their audience. Please keep them and their legal team in your prayers.

Father Bill Morton, SSC


The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
U.S. Dept. of State
2201 C St. NW
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Secretary Clinton:

Congratulations on your successful first official visit to Mxico as Secretary of State. As I am a resident of southern New Mexico – my Dona Ana County borders Juarez — I hope this visit is the first of many.

May I call your attention to the horrors being visited upon the villagers of Lomas del Poleo, a village in Juarez that border our county (city of Sunland Park). It has been turned into a concentration camp — barbed wire, guard towers, thug “guards,” restricted entry and all — by a wealthy Mexican family, the Zaragozas because it is in the path of a bi-national mega-development.

The villagers’ case is in the Agrarian Court #5 in Chihuahua and I hope that you will do all in your power to see that the villagers get justice, that their ownership is recognized and that the people whose homes, livelihoods and possessions have been demolished and stolen will receive just compensation.

At great expense to the villagers, their witnesses and lawyers (the latter must fly to Chihuahua City from Mexico City, the former bus to Chihuahua) have already been to the Agrarian Court five times ! Each time the Zaragozas have been able to intimidate the court and get the case deferred. The next hearing on April 29th will be the sixth time they will have all traveled to the court.

Please, please state your concerns to your Mexican counterpart, Emb. Paricia Espinosa Cantellano, Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores, asking her to visit Lomas and to monitor the court situation.

Many thanks.


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