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NPT County: Monday: Cobos v. County; paper ballots; public defenders and Ethics Board

Not experts on the county, so there may be some important/interesting stuff nestled in the agenda, but here are some items that jump out:

Regular agenda
— Discuss and take appropriate action regarding Big League Dreams Inc. and El Paso County Sportspark.

Executive session
— Discuss the pending litigation regarding Anthony Cobos vs. El Paso County, cause number 2009-2437; county attorney case number LD-09-046, pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.071.

Addendum to the agenda
— Discuss and take appropriate action to direct the Elections Department transition of current electronic voting machines to those with a paper verification of votes cast – approved by the State of Texas and as soon as practicable.
— Discuss and take appropriate action to assign Public Defender’s Office to advise the Board of Ethics when hearing complaints against County Commissioners in the event the County Attorney’s Office recuses itself or has a conflict of interest, pursuant to Ethics Code: Section XIII – Enforcement: El Paso County Board of Ethics A. Creation and Membership 6. The Board of Ethics shall be assigned staff by the County to assist in its duties as the Commissioners Court deems necessary.


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June 12, 2009 at 10:41 am

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