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NPT Capitol: Oops. Guess folks were wrong about the delegation members’ dislike for each other hurting El Paso’s agenda.

The El Paso delegation has sent a statement on the session’s successes, with a quote from EVERY ONE of El Paso’s legislators (including state Sen. Carlos Uresti, who has a small piece of Far East El Paso). Click here to read their take on it.

One interesting thing to note: The release came from the office of state Rep. Joe Moody, who was named Freshman of the Year by the Mexican American Legislative Caucus.

–Sito Negron

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June 2, 2009 at 1:40 pm

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NPT Media: London Financial Times on EP southbound searches

Tempers rise as US cracks down on drug trafficking along Mexican border, By Adam Thomson in El Paso, Texas
Published: June 2 2009 03:00 | Last updated: June 2 2009 03:00

“It’s ridiculous,” says Héctor Chavira, a delivery man driving a beaten-up Ford Ka that has no air conditioning. “You get used to it going the other way, but this?”

It may not look like it, but Mr Chavira is experiencing first hand the clearest sign yet of Washington’s changing strategy towards the war on drugs.

Since late March, the administration of Barack Obama has started to in-spect southbound traffic on all the main routes towards Mexico to stem the flow of weapons used by Mexico’s violent drugs cartels.

US officials have called the inspections a “sea change” in the administration’s approach. “For the first time, we recognise that the existence of drug trafficking is a function of consumption here,” said Alan Bersin, US assistant secretary for international affairs at the Department of Homeland Security and Washington’s de facto border tsar, at a press conference in El Paso this week. “It is about coresponsabilidad ,” he added in stuttering Spanish.

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June 2, 2009 at 12:42 pm

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NPT Capitol: Straus, Perry respond to Senate throwing down the guantlet

House Speaker Joe Straus refuted the need for a special session this morning and touted the achievements of the 81 legislature at a press breakfast.

“In my view, I see no need for a special session,” Straus said. “I’m delighted with my first term as speaker…No one was disrespectful. Everyone played by the rules.” [link]

Gov. Rick Perry, in a press conference this morning, also said he was not planning to call a special session over the summer and that state agencies will continue to operate as they have done before.

“We’re going to keep building roads and maintaining the highways…We’re going to continue to have an insurance industry that’s regulated… We’re going to make sure that Texans are taken care of and those employees in those agencies are going to continue to go to work every day.” [link]

Word at the Sine Die parties last night was that Perry will hold the special session card in his pocket until after the primaries – “Enjoy the summer, see you in March,” seemed to be the prevailing sentiment of several sources close to House members.

Read Straus press release listing what he considers the achievement of the session after the jump

–Ben Wright Read the rest of this entry »

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June 2, 2009 at 11:47 am

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NPT City: Houston school got another chance. Now, help make a plan.

News release from the office of city Rep. Susie Byrd:

Dear friends and neighbors,

Rep. Susie Byrd and EPISD Trustee Carlos Flores will hold a public meeting to discuss the School Revitalization Plan to help improve and increase enrollment at Houston Elementary School. The meeting will be held on Thursday June 4 at 6 p.m. inside the school’s auditorium at 2851 Grant.

“We are looking for new ideas on how to revitalize Houston Elementary School and encourage more parents in the neighborhood to enroll their kids at the school,” said Byrd. “This will be a very open and very inclusive meeting, so we would like to hear from everyone who wishes to be involved.”

Parents of students at Houston along with residents of the area are invited to attend the meeting and contribute any ideas or thoughts on how to improve the school and keep it functioning as an historic and vital part of the neighborhood.

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June 2, 2009 at 10:40 am

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NPT City: Defensive much? City news release on new border crossing study.

As the El Paso Times pointed out, the city stepped in some Ysleta school district doo-doo with its plans to study a new border crossing somewhere in the Mission Valley. Here’s the news release from the city announcing public meetings on the project, with the bold and italics where the city put them in the release (also, via link below, is a briefing document from the city):


Attached please find the media advisory for the initial community meeting regarding the New Commuter Port of Entry Feasibility Study. To ensure that everyone has accurate and current key information on the status and process of the study, please note the following:

The study is currently in its initial stages, as such this community meeting seeks to solicit public comments as one of the first and necessary steps
The purpose of the study is to evaluate several alternatives for the feasibility of a new commuter port of entry between the Bridge of the Americas and the Zaragoza International Bridge
A site has not been selected
The purpose of the study is to analyze several factors to include potential locations/alternatives, impacts to the environment and preparation of an initial traffic study
The study also evaluates the option of not building a new port of entry
The proposed port of entry would accommodate only automobiles, public transportation and pedestrians
Efforts to incorporate public involvement will be integrated throughout the study development

I have also attached a project briefing outlining more information relative to the overall process. Please help us in sharing this information. Thank you!

Briefing Doc06-01-09(English)

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