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NPT Capitol: Will Truitt kill TxDoT sunset in the House?

NPT just tried to get state Rep Truitt to talk to us about HB 300, the TxDoT sunset bill. NPT asked her if she planned to speak on the bill tonight. She answered, “yes.”

That is important because the bill is not eligible for consideration until 11:40 tonight. As such, it would only need to be talked about for twenty minutes – two speeches, – for it be chubbed to death.

Truitt is upset, along with Sen John Carona, because local option language has been left out of the bill. Carona has said he will kill the bill in the Senate. If one more person spoke about the bill in addition to Truitt it would effectively die, one state Rep said.

When NPT tried to further question Truitt she declined to comment, saying that she had to prepare for to lay out a bill.

In order to insulate the bill from death-by-chub, Isett and Pickett would need to suspend the rules to bring it up out of order. It has been done for several bills today already. But HB 300 has been “tagged” meaning that someone has said they would object to it being brought up out of order. Getting around the tag would require one hundred votes. One state Rep said the votes aren’t there. (Though, the bill would probably pass easily on a straight vote.)

Pickett said the other possibility is for the House to concur with the Senate amendments (an earlier version of the bill with local option language) – that would be call Carona’s hand – does he have the 81 votes in the House he said he did earlier in the day? Or will his bluff be called?

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May 31, 2009 at 9:43 pm

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