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NPT UPDATED: Pickett picks local option tax out of TxDoT bill. But will it pass?

Update: Carona claimed in an email today he will filibuster the TxDoT sunset bill. [link]

HB 300, the TxDoT sunset bill, is set for a final vote today. The final version of the bill stripped out language that wold have authorized County commissioners to call elections asking the public to tax themselves to pay for local transportation projects. Compromises were made in other areas of the bill – the number of TxDoT commissioners and formula funding (which aims to give localities more clout in statewide transportation policy).

The defeat of local option taxes language is much to the chagrin of Sen. John Carona who has threatened to kill the bill in retaliation. Along with state Rep Vicky Truitt and many Senators including El Paso’s Eliot Shapleigh, Carona led a fierce push since Friday to keep the language in the final version of the bill.

Pickett has said that keeping the local option language in the bill would make it D.O.A in the House. Carona has said that without the language, the bill is D.O.A. is in the Senate.

We’ll know by the end of today…

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