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NPT Media: In the News Trio: Shapleigh dogs state ed chair; Obama bids Lea goodbye; CNN profiles Lydia Patterson

Shapleigh voices opposition to Board of Education nominee

Sen. Eliot Shapleigh, D-El Paso, who voted against the nomination, said McLeroy “has demonstrated he is not fit to lead the board of education.”

“He has used his position to impose his extreme views on the 4.7 million schoolchildren in Texas. He has tried to revise the curriculum in a way that is inconsistent with scientific standards, and he has obstructed reading standards on a regular basis,” Shapleigh said.

Texas Board of Education Chairman Don McLeroy a step closer to retaining post, by Amy Chozick and Kelly Crow,, May 21, link


Tom Lea among White House artists whose works have risen in value

After George W. Bush displayed El Paso, Texas-born artist Tom Lea’s “Rio Grande,” a photorealistic view of a cactus set against gray clouds, in the Oval Office, the price of the artist’s paintings shot up roughly 300%, says Adair Margo, owner of an El Paso gallery that sells Mr. Lea’s work.

Changing the Art on the White House Walls, by Amy Chozick and Kelly Crow,, May 22, link


Lydia Patterson profiled in CNN

Marina Diaz knows each day could be her last when she leaves for school each morning.

But that doesn’t stop her from making the trip from her home on the dusty outskirts of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, a key battleground in Mexico’s drug wars, to El Paso, Texas, where she attends high school.

El Paso school a haven along violent border, by Emanuella Grinberg,, May 20, link


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