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NPT UPDATE: In tearful speech, valley Rep promises more delay

UPDATE: Straus, in a self confessed u-turn says Dunnam’s P.O.O. is not valid. Dunnam responds by telling press the outcome is “extremely disappointing” and accuses Straus of being in the pocket of the Republican establishment. Also, Rep. McCall says he has no regrets setting the Voter ID bill ahead of other issues on the Calendar, like TDI and TWIA. Chubbing continues….

UPDATE: House Republican Caucus leader, Larry Taylor accuses the Democrats of throwing a “hissy fit” and behaving like “kids.” He added that Republicans will not do any deals to speed up the Calendar.

State Rep Richard Pena Raymond, D-Laredo, just gave a tear-laden speech outlining why he, along with other Democrats, will continue to choke up the Calendar.

Democrats have been “chubbing” – talking at length in order to take up time – since Friday in order to kill Senate Bill 362 – the Voter ID bill, which must be heard by midnight tonight to be further considered this session.

“We’ll continue to [stall/chub/talk] today until midnight,” Raymond said calling SB 362 a “voter suppression bill.”

Raymond dismissed the notion that the Democrats tactics were partisan: “On this issue I don’t give a wit about the Democratic party.” Instead, Raymond said it was about the right to vote and told several stories about how as a young child he had witnessed voter suppression and how his father had had to pay poll tax – which he believed was a deliberate ploy to discourage minorities from voting.

Raymond’s eyes welled up when he reference Sonia Sotomayor’s recent nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Barack Obama.

The chubbing has begun again, the Dems continuing to use the Local and Consent Calendar as a de facto blocker bill. However state Rep Jim Dunnam, D-Waco believes that he has a legitimate point of order against SB 362 – if so, the bill would be ineligible for consideration.

Dunnam just came over to the press gallery and said that if Straus were to rule in favor of the Point of Order, “then we’re done” – ie the chubbing will cease and the House can get back to business.

–Ben Wright


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May 26, 2009 at 10:57 am

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