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NPT Capitol: Carona blames Senate Republicans for House Voter ID mess

Sen John Carona, R-Dallas, said today that the behavior of House Democrats was “expected” in light of the Senate’s actions at the start of the session.

Earlier in the session, Senate Republicans banded together in order to suspend usual Senate practice when it came to bills dealing with Voter ID. Normally 2/3rds of Senators, (21) must agree to debate an issue, meaning contentious bills can be effectively blocked by as little as 10 Senators. (There are 12 Senate Democrats). Because of the rule change, which was preceded by much partisan rancor, the Voter ID bill, SB 362, passed the Senate swiftly and is now the chief cause of the parliamentary meltdown in the House.

“I think the (House’s) chubbing is an unfortunate distraction from the serious work the legislature still faces,” Carona said.”That said in my personal view, this type of behavior was to be expected given the manner in which the Voter ID bill first passed the Senate.”

Carona was the lone Republican who voted against the Senate’s suspending of the rules at the start of the session. The meltdown in the House has led to a scramble in the Senate as SB 362, is not the only bill that will die at midnight – a host of other Senate bills are destined for the chop also.

“Every member over here is trying to find a way to save their legislative agenda and they’re doing so by tacking on their bills to other bills of similar subject matter,” Carona said. “In my view, which is not consistent with the views of my Republican colleagues, we are indeed reaping what we have sown.”


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May 26, 2009 at 3:49 pm

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  1. Senator Corona was right in the beginning and he is right now.

    rodney kelly

    May 27, 2009 at 11:21 am

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