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NPT Capitol: Speaker pro tem lays out rules for chubbing

Speaker pro tem, Craig England, D-Galveston, just made an interesting announcement. The House is on a Local Calendar, meaning llocal uncontested bills that are supposed to pass swiftly get heard.

But Eiland just reminded state Reps that the rules allow them three minutes to lay out their bills and then a maximum of ten minutes of debate can ensure before the bill gets bumped. Eiland has presided over local calendars all session, racing through them, cutting off speakers and smashing the crud out of the gavel. His announcement that he won’t be interrupting people today means the Local Calendar could take a lot longer that usual. The first bill, by Zerwas is currently being debated by Lon Burnam at the back mic (usually there is little or no debate.)

What is going on? The Dems are chubbing again – slowing down the calendar to a crawl in order to delay Voter ID being heard on the floor. Voter ID is set for tomorrow’s calendar. But by slowing local and consent down (and then slowing the major state down after that) SB 362, the Voter ID bill, will be pushed back and back.

If not heard before midnight Tuesday it is dead for this session in accordance with the House rules. There are eight major state bills voter ID is behind. Can the Dems take four days to pass eight bills?

1: The House spent yesterday debating two major state bills without passing them.

2: Even the prayer this morning was slow and wordy. ‘Whose pastor was it?” i hear you ask. House Democratic leader Jim Dunnam’s. Hmm….


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