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NPT Capitol: Republicans split on voter ID?

One thing I’ve noticed watching the Dems grind out the Calendar today (in order to stall and therefore kill SB362, the voter ID bill) is the different approaches certain Republicans have taken to the tactic.

Some have left the floor (presumably in disgust, possibly in order to go to Norma Chavez’s graduation party.) Some have huddled at the back scheming parliamentary tactics in order to counter the Democrats virtual coup of the process. But others have been good sports about it.

State Reps Eissler, Weber, Creighton and Zerwas, all signed up to a pro-voter ID letter, have wryly entertained the Dems, accepting there is little they can do and joking with them as they ask pointless questions.

The rumor mill at the Capitol has been speculating for weeks about just how important Voter ID is as an issue across the spectrum of House Republicans.

While the Republican hard right think the sky will cave in without a Voter ID bill, many don’t want to take a vote on it and others frankly don’t care. At least 71 are public advocates of a staunchly pro-voter ID position. But how much of that is just playing up to grassroots?

The fact is, some Repubs on the floor don’t seem that disgusted by the Democratic chubbing going on. Are they just good sports? Perhaps. But maybe they just don’t care about voter ID that much.


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May 22, 2009 at 4:05 pm

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