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NPT Capitol: City, county stormwater exemptions: Glass half-empty?

UPDATE at 11 a.m. Tuesday morning: 874 passed Tuesday morning, and 1522 is on the Local Calendar for Thursday, said state Rep. Chente Quintanilla.


After the kerfuffle over bills exempting the county and school districts from stormwater fees earlier this month, it would seem the issue could be (half)resolved tomorrow.

Senate bill 874 is on the local calendar, meaning it should pass without trouble.

However the bill only exempts the County from stormwater fees. Senate Bill 1522, which exempts school districts, is still stuck in the Local Calendars committee. There is nothing to say it won’t emerge quickly but what is strange is that both bills, which left committee at the same time, don’t make the floor at the same time.

Might one pass and not the other? Check back for updates…

–Ben Wright


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May 18, 2009 at 3:02 pm

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