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NPT City: Well, at least the Texas House showed up for city Rep. Quintana

So two city reps who faced tough re-election battles didn’t make it to a City Council legislative review meeting Monday. The meeting would have looked at ticketing cell phone use while driving, suggested by city Rep. Rachel Quintana, and a police oversight commission, suggested by city Rep. Eddie Holguin.

But the Texas House did pass a rule, which still faces hurdles, that, as stated in the Dallas Morning News, would make it a ticketable offense to talk on a cell phone while driving in a school zone. Wrote the DMN:
More than 20 cities now have laws prohibiting talking on a handheld cellphone while driving through an active school zone – a movement started in Highland Park in December 2007 that would be extended statewide under the House bill.


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May 15, 2009 at 12:57 pm

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