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NPT Capitol: Plan B, stalled numbers; gambling bill looks dead

The Tigua’s chances of opening Speaking Rock Casino look to have reached the last stage of a slow death today.

Licensing Chair Ed Kuempel told members of the press before lunch that he was still 6ish votes short and that he had filed a resolution the Lieutenant Gov and House Speaker set up, “a joint interim committee to study the gaming industry in Texas and its potential direct and indirect economic impact…” [link]

That sounds to methe death knell for Tiguas re-opening Speaking Rock any time soon. Not because of the interim committee resolution smells like “Plan B” – because the numbers aren’t moving.

Six votes short means the bill still has gone from being supported by 88ish to 94ish since being reported out of committee. It needs 100 to pass the House. It was passed out of committee on May 3rd. It needs to get on a Calendar by midnight Thursday meaning it has two days to find at least 6 votes and maybe as many as 10.

It took ten days to find the first six. Another fistful is a tall order in such a short amount of time. The bill doesn’t appear to have the momentum it needs.


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May 12, 2009 at 2:30 pm

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