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NPT Capitol: Chavez lays down the D strategy on Voter ID

NPT have been chatting with state Rep. Norma Chavez about the Democratic Strategy in for combating the Voter ID bill that passed out of House Committee this week.

The basic points:
1: Everything that doesn’t get done before Voter ID is dead in the water
2: Democrats should be able to hold up Voter ID until next week, if Calendars Chair Brian McCall honors routine parliamentary manoeuvrings of his Committee members
3: Democrats on Calendars have had to sacrifice a few bills along the way to get to this position

Chavez’s comments were in the context of what her game plan would be for HB 2301, the El Paso County ethics bill.

Read what Chavez said after the jump

–Ben Wright

The Ethics Bill has a life line, it is far from dead!

My game plan would be to send the Senate Ethics Bill to the Local Calendar and move it out as quickly as possible. I personally asked Chairman Coleman to send the Senate bill to Local and Consent… For your information, the Voter ID bill that passed is a SENATE bill. It will not come up until after the House Bill deadline which is midnight March 14th.

House bills will be moving on General Calendar and the Local and Consent Calendar until the midnight deadline. HB 2301 is at least in the pipeline and actually posted on the General Calendar, unlike the 500 plus bills that are dying in the Calendar Committee. This includes a major bill that I authored, HB 1180 that would alter the Skills Development Funding Mechanism I created in 2005 by decreasing the Texas Enterprise Fund and increasing the Skills Development Fund with a 50/50 split (vs 75/25). Someone has been tagging that bill since April 20th. In addition, other Democratic members on Calendars, such as Coleman and Lucio, have had some of their bills tagged too. We have not made a big scuffle about this to this point, because it is a process that we hope to utilize to TAG the Senate Voter ID bill.

After the Democratic Calendar members have exhausted our tags (if our tags are honored, and that is a leadership call), then we will see Voter ID on the House Floor. This should not happen until the end of NEXT week. At that point, everything behind Voter ID IS DEAD! So in essence 2 or more vehicles is not a bad thing, it is like nsurance. Regarding the Ethics Bill we still have 2 vehicles. One is on the General Calendar for consideration by the full House, the other is ready to be voted out of the House Committee!!

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