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NPT Capitol: Ethics bill dying

Not sure when the finger-pointing will start, but it looks like the El Paso County ethics bill is close to going down. It’s moving inexorably to the kill zone, behind the Voter ID bill. Here’s some background from a few days ago, when the parties involved were making nice. Feel free to read between the lines.

Sito Negron

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May 11, 2009 at 2:22 pm

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NPT City: Election’s done. Let the policy wars commence. First up: Impact fees.

Once in a while, only a handful of times a year, something will bring enough people out to cram the City Council Chambers to the gills (capacity is 156). Tomorrow night (6 p.m.) might be one of those times. From the Newsman Park blog comes a writeup on the issue, including an email from Charlie Wakeem that includes this nugget:

Impact fees are going before City Council next week, Tuesday, May 12 (Items 10A & 10B). The majority of the committee is recommending 100% affordability credits for both multi-family and single-family homes, plus another 50% discount from the $2,000.00 cost. I’m obviously on the minority. You and I will have to make up the difference in our water bills. The developers and home builders are expected to show up in force and bus in their laborers with signs to get their way at City Council next week. They took a page out of the neighborhood associations’ book. STRENGTH IS IN NUMBERS!!

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May 11, 2009 at 1:40 pm

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NPT Capitol: EP Conservative Grassroots on Voter ID: “Protect the integrity”

El Paso’s conservative group with the ‘grassroots’ moniker is working it. Today the group sent an email urging people to support the Voter ID bill, which might make it out of committee today. If so, it will go to Calendars to get scheduled. As a side note, the House, barring some smooth dancing by Speaker Joe Straus, is about to blow up, and any El Paso business not yet done is at risk.

Grassroots writes: In order to protect the integrity of the voting process, it is important for our legislators to come to an agreement. There is not a lot of time left for this bill to get passed in the House, so we urge you to contact your legislators and let them know you would like for them to support the Voter ID bill.

The group also is planning a “Tea Party Patriot Rally” at 6 p.m. on July 2 at Sue Young Park (9730 Diana Drive). Contact them at

By the way, an interesting footnote: The group is asking for donations, and at the bottom of its email notes that it is a non-profit 501c (4) “and your donation is not tax deductible.” The rules for political activities are a bit looser for a 501c (4), which means (and you know if you’ve followed this blog or NPT’s reports on the group) this group has the potential to become a local electoral force.

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May 11, 2009 at 12:14 pm

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