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NPT City: Archuleta stormwater statement: Thank you for the confidence

News release from the PSB sent Saturday night:

EPWU Statement on the Failure of the Municipal Drainage Ordinance

We accepted the challenge from City Council to manage the Stormwater Utility in order to provide the best possible system for El Pasoans. For too long, our stormwater system was neglected, and the damage we experienced in the Floods of 2006 and even last summer were the unfortunate consequences.

Tonight, El Pasoans have reaffirmed their confidence in the PSB and El Paso Water Utilities to manage the Stormwater Utility in a way that corrects past deficiencies and increases their safety. After just 14 months under the leadership of the PSB, the City already has a greater level of flood protection. The maintenance work our crews have done in drains, channels, and ponds across the city is helping the stormwater system work more efficiently, and it has also made El Paso a cleaner place. For the first time, El Paso has a Stormwater Master Plan to guide the construction of future infrastructure to further protect the community – and a citizens committee had a hand in creating that plan.

A lot has been accomplished in this first year, but there is still much more to be done. Thank you for having the confidence in the PSB and El Paso Water Utilities to continue managing the Stormwater Utility. We will not let you down.

Ed Archuleta, P.E.

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May 9, 2009 at 10:49 pm

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