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NPT Biz: $91 million for new Tornillo port? Talk about change.

How big will this be, and how much will it change the rural farm-based communities south and east of El Paso and Juarez? Here’s the news release sent late Thursday from the office of El Paso County Commissioner Willie Gandara:

Tornillo-Guadalupe International Port of Entry Funding Included in President Obama’s Budget

Today, President Obama released the details of his FY2010 budget. The President’s budget proposal is an outline, a recommendation to Congress as to how to spend our federal tax dollars. The Congress will debate and decide which programs and projects to fund and which to eliminate.

Included in the President’s budget is $91.565 million in construction funding for the Tornillo-Guadalupe federal inspection facilities. Our federal lobbyist team has worked hard with the previous Administration to secure the presidential permit for this port of entry and to secure $4.29 million in design funds for the federal inspection facilities. El Paso County federal lobbyist team have continued their work with the new Administration and are pleased that President Obama has included $91.565 million for this critical project

“We thank President Obama for including the Tornillo-Guadalupe International Port of Entry in the proposed FY2010 budget. I commend our federal lobbyist for their strong work ethic and commitment to El Paso County,” said Commissioner Gandara.


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May 8, 2009 at 10:54 am

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