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NPT Capitol: Tiguas in rough draft of gambling omnibus bill

A draft of the omnibus constitutional amendment proposal, promised several weeks ago by Licensing Chair Ed Kuempel, R-Seguin, has been doing the rounds at the capitol as of Tuesday evening.

The draft would put to voters the idea that any form of gambling could be authorized in Texas, providing that counties decide for themselves what kind, through a local election. The bill explicitly states, (in draft form as of press) that it “does not prohibit a federally recognized Indian tribe from conducting gaming on land in this State that was held in trust or recognized as tribal land of the tribe by the United States on January 1, 1998.”

In short, that means the Tiguas are in the bill. (That could change as NPT noted here several weeks ago.)

The bill, as drafted is very broad, meaning that the fights between different gaming interests, which have plagued the various efforts to legalize gambling this session, will have to move to the House floor. Time is simply running out for any further debate in committee. The bill would also require a lot of enabling legislation, which couldn’t be passed until the 2011 session – so don’t cancel that trip to Vegas just yet.

The bill would need 100 votes on the House floor and 21 in the Senate to make it onto the ballot in 2009.15


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