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NPT Capitol: Moody (quietly) passes first bill, then another

moody1With all the fuss and palaver last Thursday over Pickett’s CASA bill and Margo considering another pop at District 78, this slipped through the radar.

The press release, from state Rep. Joe Moody’s office was issued last Friday after he passed his first bill the day before. Moody’s bills concentrate on law and order. Read the press release after the jump.

–Ben Wright



Rep. Joe Moody Passes Two Bills in Two Days in Texas House, Both bills address public safety and gang violence

AUSTIN – Thursday, State Representative Joe Moody passed his first bill in the Texas House of Representatives. House Bill 2086 will increase penalties on individuals that are involved in organized crime and prison gangs

“This is a law and order bill,” said Rep. Moody. “House Bill 2086 would apply to those who work together to help prisoners escape or smuggle drugs, cell phones, and certain other prohibited contraband into
correctional settings. It would apply to other prisoners, corrupt correctional officers, and those out in the free world who commit crimes on behalf of friends, family members, or fellow gang members locked up
behind bars.”

The recent increase in the presence of transnational gangs and prison spawned street gangs in El Paso and along the border has led to a need to strengthen the laws against these types of activities.

As it is tradition in the House, Freshman members are hazed by their colleagues when passing their first bill. Moody received questions, most of which did not pertain to the bill, by several of his fellow
members. He was asked if his bill would require a vegetarian meal at all legislative events and why he is always “moody”. Several members including Representative Chavez and Pickett took to the back microphone
to compliment Moody his work during the legislative cycle.

Today, Representative Moody’s second bill was heard on the House floor. This bill cleans up criminal laws regarding the penalties for recruiting people into a gang and strengthens penalties for those gang members who prey on children. This bill should pass on final reading on Monday.

District 78 residents are encouraged to contact Rep. Moody and his staff in his capitol office during session at 512-463-0728 or 915-532-1391.


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April 28, 2009 at 8:45 am

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  1. oh great, now we got this moody guy going to austin to be a superhero on crime out in austin, geez.

    no but seriously, this is good policy that will help keep el paso safe, and is very timely, considering the on-going situation around the border.

    good job representative moody!


    April 29, 2009 at 12:56 pm

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