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NPT Capitol: Tiguas in but could be out later

According to the Dallas Morning News, a gambling omnibus bill is getting closer to hitting the House floor, which would also allow the Tiguas to Re-open Speaking Rock Casino.

The bill “would allow up to 17 resort casinos: 3 on Indian reservations; 2 on the South Texas barrier islands; 1 in the Port Arthur area; 3 at Class 1 racetracks; 2 at Class 2 racetracks; and 6 others spread out across the rest of the state,” said the DMN article, also noting that the bills backers vote count is in the 90s. (They need a hundred to send it over the Senate.)

NPT have been following the bill closely and have argued that the criminal history of Tigua Gov. Frank Paiz is an immovable road block to the Tiguas being included in the bill. NPT has also argued that Paiz might be wise to dig his heels in because any gambling bill may be D.O.A if it hit the House or Senate floor.

After talking with sources in Austin, a slightly new logic seems to be emerging. The Tiguas have not got to work to get in the bill – they have to work to stay in it.

First, big gaming interests are by no means convinced a bill will pass – so why bother booting the Tiguas out at this stage? Second, if the issue of Paiz came up, the Tiguas could be removed from the bill on the floor of either the House or Senate (or in conference committee) by amending the bill to remove language authorizing gaming on their reservation.

Paiz may still have to walk in order for them to be included in the bill. But with the emphasis being on staying in rather than getting in, they have more time.

–Ben Wright

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April 17, 2009 at 12:38 pm

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  1. Frank Paiz should resign on his own…he should have done it last week when all this came to light.
    He is harming the Tigua Tribe and their opportunities to prosper.


    April 17, 2009 at 1:16 pm

  2. […] short, that means the Tiguas are in the bill. (That could change as NPT noted here several weeks […]

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