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NPT Capitol: Straus “positive” about budget showdown.

House Speaker Joe Straus, R-Alamo Heights said today he felt “very positive on where we are with the budget.” Straus singled out the work of the Appropriations committee, who had invested “countless man hours and woman hours” in the bill that will hit the House floor on Friday.

“The appropriations committee has done a fantastic job,” he said. “I think if you asked every member they would tell you they had full authority and participation in the process and they all voted enthusiastically for the bill coming out.”

Straus said he expects there to be “ample debate on lots of creative ideas from the members” but answered in the negative when asked if the debate would be a ‘litmus test’ for his leadership.

“Not particularly. I think it is a litmus test for the whole House and I feel very good about where we are,” Straus said. Assuming the budget debate is wrapped up by Friday night, the House will be able to spend more of its time considering other pressing issues, such as sunset bills and voter ID.

“The mantra has been lets get the budget passed and then everything else. The ‘everything else’ portion of this session is just ahead,” Straus said. “I think you’ll see a lot of bills move this week and next week.”

–Ben Wright

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April 14, 2009 at 2:40 pm

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