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NPT Capitol Round-up: Special session?

NPT’s Capitol round-up is out for the week. Here’s the link. Below is the fun stuff:

Quote of the week: Joe Straus on being House Speaker:

“People ask that question a lot: ‘Is it what you expected?’ I have to answer, ‘I didn’t expect it so I don’t have a good answer for you question.’

Scene of the week: Burleson state Rep. Chris Turner’s hazing:

Pesky senior legislators gave the freshman a torrid time during the passage of his first bill. They even swindled the mic from him on a point of order. When it came to the vote, the bill passed unanimously, but not before the electronic board showing the votes lit up red, members quickly switching their vote and lighting the board up green.

Before the vote, the House exploded in laughter when namesake Sylvester Turner, D-Houston (an African American) told the told the caucasian freshman, how proud Mom and Dad were. With Dunnam bringing shot glasses to a committee on Tuesday and the House in good humor, maybe a special session would be good fun.

Weird moment of the week: The debate in the Senate over a bill that will allow people to take their guns to work as long as they leave them in their car. According to the Dallas Morning News, Sen. Mario Gallegos, D-Houston, was concerned:

“What happens if somebody brings in dynamite under the provision that allows a person to carry ammunition to work?” said Gallegos.

“Under this bill, you are not able to have dynamite in your car. Dynamite is not ammunition,” countered bill author Sen. Hegar, R-Katy.

Feel free to join me in smacking your forehead and sarcastically exclaiming, “Oh good! Glad we got that figured out folks!”

Busy week for: Norma Chavez. After fending off a gender-based roadblock to Tigua gambling, joining Jim Pitts in getting mad with Perry over moving state money around and organizing a posse of tribal women to come down to Austin next week, you would think she had earned her weekend. Unfortunately she sits on the Appropriations committee, which is meeting this Saturday and Sunday.

Question of the week: Will El Paso get the money for a third building at Texas Tech Medical school? “It’s going to be tough,” said state Rep Joe Pickett earlier this week. [link]

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