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NPT Drug War: The British are coming!

cook-on-bbcGuess who just took an interest in all things El Paso/Juarez? You guessed it, the British! The BBC have spent the last few days pouring ink over the drug war, including an interview with El Paso Mayor John Cook.

Here’s a list of BBC stories on the drug war that have the last few days:

El Paso Mayor john Cook interviewd by the BBC’s Katty Kay: [link]

BBC photo essay on the U.S./Mexico border: [link]

“Drugs war challenge for US and Mexico” by the BBC’s Matt Price: [link]

“Out with the border patrol in Texas” by the BBC’s Matt Price: [link]

US to boost Mexico border defence by the BBC: [link]

Q&A: Mexico’s drug fuleed violence by the BBC: [link]

Juarez: Audio slideshow by the BBC: [link]

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March 26, 2009 at 5:12 pm

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