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NPT Capitol: Will there be a special session?

An interesting trade off between State Rep Sylvester Turner and Appropriations Jim Pitts just took place on the floor of the House, raising the question of whether or not the Legislature will need to go into a special session.

After asking a series of technical questions about where stimulus money and/or freed-up general revenue will appear in the state budget, Turner made it clear that he does not believe an appropriations bill is ready to come to the floor of the House. (Earlier, Pitts declared it would be ready to go to the printers by Sunday).

But Turner disagreed and implored Pitts to slow the process down in order to maintain transparency – even if it means a special session. Pitts denied the need for a special session saying that he and the rest of the Appropriations committee were working overtime to make sure the budget would be brought to vote during the regular session.

Turner, a veteran lawmaker who had been on Appropriations for many years until booted this session (he was a Craddick D), said he would not vote on an appropriations bill if it was rushed through. When he said this, there was a significant amount of applause on the House floor.

–Ben Wright

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March 24, 2009 at 10:51 am

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