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NPT Border: ACLU report finds ‘wasted millions’

A news release from the ACLU, with links to the group’s report, and a link to the Dallas Morning News coverage of the report. The El Paso Police Department (page 16) comes off pretty good in this report; the El Paso Sheriff’s Department (page 20), not so much.

— The ACLU report, titled “Operation Border Star: Wasted Millions and Missed Opportunities,” in three parts: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3. From the summary of the report: The Val Verde County Sheriff’s Department searched 851 vehicles during 83 days of participation in Operation Border Star, resulting in only one substantial drug seizure of 623 pounds of marijuana and no asset forfeitures. “As a law enforcement program, Operation Border Star has been a failure because it encourages police and sheriff’s departments to measure their success based on everyday policing activities like public intoxication, driving while intoxicated and disorderly conduct,” said Laura Martin, ACLU of Texas policy analyst and the report’s lead author. “It therefore takes the focus from the programs intended goal of fighting cartel-violence and organized crime.”

— Coverage from the Dallas Morning News: The ACLU study found that outside of El Paso, there was little police work linked to serious crimes. Instead, police stopped thousands of ordinary people on minor traffic issues. The 11 law enforcement agencies that responded to the ACLU’s request have seized roughly $300,000 and made just 58 gang member arrests – 53 of them by the El Paso Police Department alone. Of the 1,110 drug arrests these departments made in connection with Border Star, 95 percent of them happened in El Paso.

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March 18, 2009 at 2:06 pm

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NPT DC: Trying to out-Obama Obama; organizing for the April 15 Tea Party in El Paso and the nation

The wheel keeps turning … If Obama can be said to have successfully repackaged liberalism, elements of the Republican Party are trying to repackage conservatism (or, as many of them might say, simply package conservatism, since they disavow what happened under their watch). Various Republicans and conservative groups are working at mastering the social networking tools used effectively by the Obama campaign during the presidential run (which continue to be used by Obama allies).

Back to the future: Calling themselves the “silent majority” (remember that one?) the national Tea Party comes to El Paso April 15.

Click here for the local connection.

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NPT Juxtapose: Two headlines about the Diabetes Association, and notice of a news conference tomorrow

The headlines (from KFOX TV):

State Investigates El Paso Diabetes Association (yesterday)

El Paso Diabetes Association Opens New Facility (Feb. 26)

The news release:

The El Paso Diabetes Association Invites
At 1220 Montana at 1:30 p.m. on 3-19-09

The El Paso Diabetes Association wishes to invite all media for a press conference to answer any questions regarding allegations that have been made against the EPDA.

An anonymous e-mail was sent to the media making accusations against the EPDA. Henry Brutus, Executive Director, of the EPDA as well as other staff members, will be present to answer questions that the media may have.

It is imperative that speculation stops regarding this matter. Please join us!

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NPT City: Acosta’s on board, but what’s Twitter without a tweet?

Joining U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill as famous politicians on Twitter, El Paso city Rep. Emma Acosta is on board. Search her up!

A quick review of other City Council members did not yield another Twitterer. There were plenty of John Cooks and O’Rourkes, but none appeared to be our folks. Nothing came up on a name search for the rest of them.

As for Acosta, her account shows no updates yet. What’s a Twitter without a tweet? So, now that folks are getting on board the viral Twitter train (which hipster know-it-alls point out left the station long ago) post up some comments, rep!

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NPT Biz: Bowling appointed to building council by Gov. Perry

From the office of Gov. Rick Perry (a few days late on this one — sorry folks).

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry has reappointed six members to the Industrialized Building Code Council for terms to expire Feb. 1, 2015. The council oversees the inspection of industrialized housing and buildings to ensure that state standards are enforced.

Robert L. “Bobby” Bowling IV of El Paso is president of Tropicana Building Corporation. He is a member and past president of the Texas and El Paso associations of Builders. He is multi-family council chair and a member of the National Association of Builders Executive Board. Bowling received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

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March 18, 2009 at 8:58 am

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