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NPT Capitol: Voter ID passes Senate as expected, House battle coming up

Ok, so there’s still a formality to attend to in the Senate before the bill moves to the House.

Here’s the lead from the Houston Chronicle:

Texas voters would have to offer photographic or other evidence of their identity at the polls under a bill that tentatively passed the Senate today on a party-line vote.

Nineteen Republicans supported it and 12 Democrats were opposed. The vote came after weeks of partisan bickering and an all-night hearing last week.

Final passage on Wednesday would send the bill to the House, where it is likely to cause similar tensions in a body with a Republican-Democratic split of 76-74.

A background story from the Dallas Morning News yesterday:

Republicans may win their fierce battle to require voters to present photo IDs, a vibrant issue to grassroots conservatives. But doing so could help them lose the larger, future war for political dominance.

Many Latinos, who are the fastest-growing bloc of voters in Texas, feel the bill is aimed at them, with Republicans raising the specter of illegal immigrants casting ballots and swinging elections. This bill, coupled with Republican efforts to crack down on illegal immigration, has led experts to see the Texas GOP quickly losing inroads in the Hispanic community that took years to build.

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March 17, 2009 at 1:26 pm

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