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NPT Media: Don Flores appointed as regent by Gov. Perry

For those of you wondering what the former EP Times’ editor has been up to:

Gov. Perry Appoints Three to Texas Southern University Board of Regents

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry has appointed three members to the Texas Southern University Board of Regents for terms to expire Feb. 1, 2015.

Dionicio “Don” Flores of El Paso is a self-employed media consultant. He is a member of the American Society of Newspaper Editors, National Association of Hispanic Journalists and Freedom of Information of Texas Advisory Board. He is a member of the Sun Bowl Association Advisory Board and Texas Tech University College of Mass Communication National Board of Directors. Flores received a bachelor’s degree from now Texas State University. He replaces E. Javier Loya of Houston.

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March 17, 2009 at 8:29 pm

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NPT Capitol: Border lawmakers line up against Perry; Marquez has a crew

Yesterday, this blog poked a bit of fun at state Rep. Marisa Marquez sending a news release (Monday) reacting to Gov. Rick Perry’s refusal (Thursday) of stimulus unemployment funding. [link]

But wait! First, let’s note NPT itself has a poll question (that went up Monday) on the issue. Then there’s this Rio Grande Guardian article that quotes Marquez, along with South Texas lawmakers (with whom she is quite chummy), criticizing Perry. [link]

In all seriousness, the issue will linger as lawmakers look for ways to get around Perry and bring the cash to Texas. For background, read Ben Wright’s analysis of the issue in last week’s Capitol Roundup.

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March 17, 2009 at 1:38 pm

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NPT Capitol: Voter ID passes Senate as expected, House battle coming up

Ok, so there’s still a formality to attend to in the Senate before the bill moves to the House.

Here’s the lead from the Houston Chronicle:

Texas voters would have to offer photographic or other evidence of their identity at the polls under a bill that tentatively passed the Senate today on a party-line vote.

Nineteen Republicans supported it and 12 Democrats were opposed. The vote came after weeks of partisan bickering and an all-night hearing last week.

Final passage on Wednesday would send the bill to the House, where it is likely to cause similar tensions in a body with a Republican-Democratic split of 76-74.

A background story from the Dallas Morning News yesterday:

Republicans may win their fierce battle to require voters to present photo IDs, a vibrant issue to grassroots conservatives. But doing so could help them lose the larger, future war for political dominance.

Many Latinos, who are the fastest-growing bloc of voters in Texas, feel the bill is aimed at them, with Republicans raising the specter of illegal immigrants casting ballots and swinging elections. This bill, coupled with Republican efforts to crack down on illegal immigration, has led experts to see the Texas GOP quickly losing inroads in the Hispanic community that took years to build.

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March 17, 2009 at 1:26 pm

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NPT Drug War: Congressional testimony: “We’re not winning the battle”

Breaking news from CNN:

Senators want to fight Mexican drug cartels’ expanding influence

“We’re not winning the battle,” Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard
told lawmakers. “The violence that we see in Mexico is fueled 65 to 70 percent
by the trade in one drug — marijuana.”

Goddard said he believes the United States can do more to remove the
profit from such operations, as well as attempt to reduce the demand for the

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March 17, 2009 at 11:30 am

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NPT Drug War: “Doublespeak”

Laura Carlsen, director of the Mexico City-based Americas Policy Program for the Center for International Policy, recently appeared on Democracy Now with hosts Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

The show, titled “Obama Signals Readiness to Further Militarize Drug War with Potential Deployment of National Guard to Mexico Border,” opened with a clip from Vice President Joe Biden: Since the beginning of last year, there have been nearly 7,000 drug-related murders in Mexico. If we had said that years ago, we would have looked at each other like we were crazy. But 7,000 drug-related murders in Mexico. Violent drug trafficking organizations are threatening both the United States and Mexican communities.

Carlsen, based in Las Cruces, recently wrote the article Drug War Doublespeak, which was published in Counterpunch.

Follow the jump to see some of her comments on the show.

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NPT City: Lozano’s million-dollar fund-raiser

Say what you like about Alexandro Lozano, who is running for his former District 3 seat against the now-incumbent Emma Acosta. And many of you do. But he is not without a sense of humor.

Check out his announcement of a fund-raiser. Many of you might fixate on the campaign’s address, but that’s sort of old news. Look at the line for folks to send in donations. In all seriousness, Lozano’s a tough candidate for Acosta, and has a real shot at regaining his seat. Especially if someone takes him up on the high end of the donations …


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NPT Capitol: Hahn reappointed to Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority, which meets this week

News release from the governor’s office:

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry has reappointed Harold W. Hahn of El Paso to the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority for a term to expire Feb. 1, 2011. The authority constructs, maintains and operates transportation projects in the El Paso region.

Hahn is president of Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company. He is director of the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce, and a member and past director of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association. He is also a member and past president of the El Paso Mortgage Bankers Association, vice president and director of the Yucca Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and a member of the Paso Del Norte Group. Hahn received a bachelor’s degree from Eastern New Mexico University.

This appointment is subject to Senate confirmation.

The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority meets on Thursday. Click the link below to view the agenda.


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NPT Biz: Camino Real landfill’s end run?

An e-mail making the rounds among environmental activists keeping tabs on the Camino Real landfill and the New Mexico Legislature:

HB 824 has passed the House late on Saturday night. This Bill put forward by Heaton (D55) of Carlsbad allows for, amongst other things, a private landfills to apply for a 20 year permit. It was crafted by Waste Connections Inc., and is being heavily lobbied by industry.

Ron Curry Of NMED has stated “The reason they (Waste Connections) are pushing this bill is to make sure the public is disenfranchised, permanently.”

This bill can either go the the industry friendly Senate Conservation Committee as soon as Tuesday or the the Senate Judiciary Committee as soon as tomorrow.

Please CALL or email Senator Cyntia Nava at 505-986-4541 and email
It is also imperative to call Governor Richardson and voice your opposition!

As background, Waste Connections Inc. owns the Camino Real landfill, which received a one-year operating permit when it applied for a 10-year permit renewal. In December, the company received approval from New Mexico courts to stay open while it appealed the decision not to grant it the 10-year renewal. [link]

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