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NPT City: An epic meeting looms for City Council

If this agenda holds, it’s going to be quite the meeting Tuesday. The Downtown Plan re-emerges in a big way (the calculation is that it’s going to run about $230 million in direct and indirect public cost); certificates of obligation are up for sale; the city will discuss impounding cars when the driver cannot show proof of insurance; the review of Public Service Board governance is to be presented, along with discussion on seeking legislative approval to expand the board; and city Rep. Eddie Holguin throws down a proposal — Discussion and action to exempt citizens over the age of 55 who cannot afford to pay for park programs and waive any fees charged to them for room usage.

Click here for the agenda. Follow the jump to see some of the items that have potential to be important and/or discussed.

Agenda items that were on the newsletter of city Rep. Beto O’Rourke


Discussion and action regarding a Resolution approving and authorizing publication of a notice of intention to issue certificates of obligation. (All Districts)
[Financial and Administrative Services, William F. Studer, Jr., (915) 541-4215]
[Financial Services, Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria, (915) 541-4293]


Discussion and action on the International Bridge Commission’s recommendations to the Mayor and City Council in a positive attempt to improve matters affecting the aesthetic appearance, safety, and efficient flow of commerce and people across the international bridges in El Paso. (All Districts) [International Bridges, Said Larbi-Cherif, (915) 858-3842]


An Ordinance approving the Final Project Plan and Final Reinvestment Zone Financing Plan for Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Number Five, City of El Paso, Texas. (District 8) [Economic Development, Kathryn B. Dodson, (915) 541-4872]


An Ordinance amending Title 12, (Vehicles and Traffic) to amend Chapter 12.08 (Administration and Enforcement), Section 12.08.220 (Impounding Vehicles), of the El Paso Municipal Code by adding subsection 12.08.220 A.21, authorizing a police officer to impound a motor vehicle stopped for a traffic law violation if the vehicle’s owner or operator fails to show evidence of financial responsibility. (All Districts)
[Police Department, Gregory Allen, (915) 564-7302]

18A. Discussion and action regarding the Phase One Governance Practices Report of the Public Service Board prepared by Hector Gutierrez, Public Affairs Consulting. [Mayor John F. Cook, (915) 541-4145]

18B. Discussion and action regarding action to seek legislative action to amend the Texas Government Code to increase the number of members on the Public Service Board. [Mayor John F. Cook, (915) 541-4145]

18C. Discussion and action on the report from the Committee on Border Relations based on their findings from the recently held Forum on the drug-related violence occurring in our sister city Ciudad Juarez and the recommendations of the participants. [Mayor John F. Cook, (915) 541-4145]

18D. Discussion and action on a Resolution that the City Council of the City of El Paso supports the passage of Texas H.B. 873 and its companion S.B. 605, which relate to offering incentives for the film, television, video, and digital interactive media production industries to film in Texas. (All Districts)
[Mayor John F. Cook, (915) 541-4145]

18E. Discussion and action to exempt citizens over the age of 55 who cannot afford to pay for park programs and waive any fees charged to them for room usage. [Representative Eddie Holguin, (915) 541-4178]

18F. Discussion and action to direct the City Manager to open access to all walking paths of Marty Robbins Park and not to restrict access to any ball fields in which walk paths are used by constituents until an alternative route can be found. [Representative Eddie Holguin, (915) 541-4178]

19A. Discussion and action on a Resolution that the City Manager be authorized to sign an amendment to the May 6, 2008, Development Agreement by and between the City of El Paso, the El Paso Water Utilities – Public Service Board, and Haciendas Del Rio Partners, LP to amend Exhibit B, Development Plan, to increase the residential lots from 118 to 188 and to modify the cross section to delete the sidewalks. The density will not exceed 2.5 dwelling units per acre as required by the development agreement. Subject property: Strahan Southeast of Moore. Applicant: Haciendas del Rio Partners, LP.
(West ETJ, near District 1)
[Development Services/Planning, Christina Ainsworth, (915) 541-4930]
POSTPONED FROM 02-24-09 AND 03-03-09

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March 9, 2009 at 8:29 am

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  1. I think its a noble idea to waive fees for over 55 for parks, but if any fed funds support parks, most likely disabled indigents under 55 would by law may have to be included. Transportation rules may differ but any Medicare card holder any age gets city bus discount under fed rules. There may also be some ADA [equal treatment, discrimination] overtunes to the city park fees issue. The idea here may be it is not based on any disability but only age…which seems novel, proving age may be more easy than proving and inquiring of a disabilty for a benifit or right. Proving Indigent even more preplex ie sworn affidavit to the gov actor under penalty of perjury or what?

    Carl Starr

    March 9, 2009 at 9:56 am

  2. 230 million dollars in Certs of Obligation, nothing more than code for incurring future debt for the city and a bill that our children will be paying when they are adults. Anyway we already are short 9 million dollars, which the Mayor is blaming on Juarez. Failure to control city council spending is the more likely explanation.

    Do we need this now during the recession? And everyone is trying to balance their budget, something the Mayor and city council dont do and dont care about spending your money.

    Some of you are in denial about the recession and some of you want the skyscaper look in hopes of looking like other cities. Sort of like the person that doesnt have a pot to pis- in but is driving the latest car and wearing very fashionable and expesnive clothing.


    March 9, 2009 at 10:05 am

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