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NPT Drug War: CNN’s AC360 blog: “Juarez was fun – before it was dangerous”

From CNN’s AC360, written by a former El Pasoan, photojournalist Gabe Ramirez:

Of course even then, Juarez had an edge. Besides the underage drinking, that edginess was part of the attraction to a teenager. But, if you weren’t careful, you could get into terrible trouble. My friends and I always stuck together. Girlfriends never strayed away even if they were pissed at you. The police kept a ruthless watch over us.

These days it’s just too dangerous for American teenage kids to hang out in Juarez. Compared to now, Juarez in the 1980s was innocent fun. By the mid 1990s the drug cartel wars were in full swing. [link]

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March 8, 2009 at 1:13 am

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