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NPT Capitol: House resolution: Slow down with that stimulus money, TTC and TexDOT

The Texas House sent another shot over the bow of TexDOT and the Texas Transportation Commission with a resolution yesterday. The resolution can be found here. The Austin American-Statesman take on it can be found here.

El Paso state Rep. Joe Pickett, chairman of House Transportation and a long-time critic of TexDOT, was a co-author of the resolution, which has no binding authority: “It’s just kind of a statement
… perhaps way to get support for recommendations in the Sunset bill. Day-to-day operations there need to change a bit, maybe more than a bit.”

Follow the jump for a taste of the resolution, starting the whereas:

the commission and the department are unable to
provide the House with sufficient information on the criteria by
which projects, both maintenance and new construction, were
selected; and
WHEREAS, the commission and the department have not been able
to clearly articulate how each project will spur a growth in jobs,
how each project will make a meaningful investment in the long-term
development of the State’s transportation infrastructure
development, or how each project was prioritized to meet the
requirements of the Recovery Act; and
WHEREAS, it is exceedingly clear that the commission and
department are making a rush to judgment in obligating Recovery Act
money without providing a rational basis for those actions,
obtaining the advice and input of Members of the Legislature, or
assuring transparency and accountability in their decision-making

then the request:

(1) urges that the Texas Transportation Commission, the
executive director of the Texas Department of Transportation, and
all department employees take no steps to irrevocably obligate any
Recovery Act funds until the commission and the department can
articulate a rational basis for the priorities used to select the
projects for the initial $500 million funding by Recovery Act

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