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NPT Capitol: Shapleigh et al demand Perry take all the stimulus cash

shapleigh1State Senator Elliot Shapleigh joined other Democratic leaders at the capitol this morning calling Gov. Rick Perry to take all the stimulus money available…even if it comes with strings attached.

“I’m here to share this thought from the people I represent. In my community, not taking stimulus money is a profound irresponsibility on the part of the Governor of the state of Texas,” blasted Shapleigh.

“Not all is rosy in the lone star state,” said Senator Rodney Ellis, D-Houston. Eliis called for Perry to 1: “take all of the money” and 2: “spend the money wisely.” Regarding potential strings attached, the Houston Senator said, “quite frankly, I don’t care.”

Governor Perry has repeatedly said that he will not take the money if and when it means expanding government. The Democrats want Texas to make the changes necessary in order to draw down all the federal money available. For example, Texas could receive $2.52 for every dollar invested in the expansion of Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

When it comes to unemployment, this means the possibility of another $570m toward state benefits if the program is extended to cover those seeking part time work. Shapleigh said that he was expecting 300,000Texans to be filing unemployment claims by October.

“Saying no to stimulus money is saying no to too many Texas families,” said Shapleigh.

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March 3, 2009 at 9:47 am

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