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NPT Drug War: LA Times: The war we gave Mexico

An op-ed piece from the LA Times:

Mexico is a complex country with a resourceful and creative people. It also is — like other Latin American nations ravaged by the drug trade — burdened with a stunted civil society, chronic maldistribution of wealth, ingrained corruption and endemic political violence. These pathologies have made it painfully susceptible to the social and economic distortions created by America’s seemingly insatiable desire for drugs.

For a country as proud of its cultural autonomy as Mexico traditionally has been, one of the bitter ironies must be the way in which the pseudo-romantic culture of drug trafficking has commandeered so much of the nation’s popular imagination. In the cities of Mexico’s northern and western states, traffickers and wannabe narcos mimic the dress and tattoos of Los Angeles’ street gangs.

If Americans really are concerned about the horrific toll inflicted by Mexico’s narco-gangsters, we need to ask some tough questions about our own cultural and political delusions.

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March 2, 2009 at 8:56 am

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