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NPT City: A Burd(s) of a different feather, and a lovely Sunset Heights home

Not the most Earth-shaking info, but here’s a little game of dots. You feel free to connect them. We’re just laying them out.
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County Judge Anthony Cobos is selling a home he has in Sunset Heights. The Realtor for the property is Brian Burds, a candidate running against city Rep. Melina Castro for the District 4 seat. The ‘for sale’ sign is from County Commissioner Dan Haggerty’s Century 21. While District 3 candidate and former city Rep. Alexandro Lozano says he isn’t partners with Cobos on the home, he said he did help Cobos with some contracting issues involving the home.

It’s a beautiful place, by the way.

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February 27, 2009 at 11:12 am

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