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NPT Capitol: Who paid what for the El Paso Days party

The Margarita Madness party last night wasn’t free, of course. For background, check through this blog, or read this NPT story about El Paso Days, of which the party was a part. Yesterday, we asked who was paying for the party. You can read the list of sponsors by clicking on the invite below.


So how much did it cost? Here’s the breakdown for sponsorships, according to a Greater Chamber of El Paso representative (which also paid for the El Paso Days in El Paso event, in which Austin folks went to El Paso for some schmoozing — so this total isn’t just for the Austin party last night): Title sponsorships are $10,000; Diamond is $5,000; Platinum is $2,500; Gold is $1,000; and Silver is $500. Now this took place in a crush of margarita-wielding lobbyists, elected officials, business reps and others, and it occurs to me that there are six categories but only five dollar amounts given. So I might have to update this post. Meanwhile, going by those numbers and the number of sponsors in each category (excluding Bronze), we have a total of $87,500. Party on! — Sito Negron

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February 18, 2009 at 10:32 am

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