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NPT Capitol: A quick chat with Gov. Perry

perry“How you doin?” asked Texas Gov. Rick Perry, as he greeted Mayor John Cook and a group of El Pasoans who were meeting with him.

“I’m blessed, how about you Sir,” replied Cook.

“I’ve got no complaints,” Perry responded, sauntering around the table of El Paso bigwigs at the Capitol yesterday, who included UTEP President Diana Natalicio, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center/Paul Foster School of Medicine Founding Dean Dr. Manny de la Rosa, and the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority’s Harold Hahn.

“Everything is good in my world,” Perry told one official. The meeting was a very chummy affair, not much more than a chance for El Paso officials to meet-and-greet with the Governor. Here are some excerpts from what Perry told the delegation.

Opening remarks:
“Its pretty fascinating what’s going on in El Paso…if you look at El Paso ten years ago, it was all ‘woe is me’… now it is one of the brighter spots in the country.”

On the emerging technology fund grant to UTEP in November:
“Those are the stepping stones to Tier 1 (status)…We’re headed that way.”

On the new climate in the Texas House:
“The knives have basically been put up over on the House side… that’s not to say there won’t be some ruckus.”

On El Paso priorities:
“Transportation dollars are the most important thing you can work on.”

On Joe Pickett being the new House Transportation Chair:
“That’s not too shabby…a very very wise choice.”

On a statewide policy toward local transit needs:
“The last thing you need to do is make a shoe to fit all the feet here in Texas.”

On arguing with a DC Republican over the stimulus plan:
“I am bipartisan in my criticism of Washington.”

After the meeting, Perry took the above picture with El Paso folks. See if you can pick out who’s who. — Ben Wright


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