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NPT Flash: Pickett gets Transportation Chair

pickettEl Paso state Rep. Joe Pickett is named chair of House Transportation, among other committee assignments. Why do you care? It’s a key part of the system — before things get to a House floor vote, they go through committees. And transportation is a big one.

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February 12, 2009 at 11:30 am

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NPT City: Lozano in the game, but which one?

loz Former city Rep. Alexandro Lozano filed a treasurer report, but has not specified which office he’d run for. When asked by NPT whether he was running, he said yes, but he had two offices in mind and would decide by Monday or Tuesday which one he’d run for. NPT, with brainlock, failed to ask which district he lives in (he formerly represented District 3, now represented by Emma Acosta).

He also addressed whether he was partners in a Sunset Heights home with County Judge Anthony Cobos, who owns a house on Prospect (the home, at 501 Prospect, is currently for sale). Lozano said he helped Cobos with permitting and contract work on the home. Cobos paid up, and that was that, Lozano said.

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February 12, 2009 at 11:11 am

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NPT Culture: Stimulus package: Live sex scene at Oregon and Mills seeks to raise animal awareness; but will it be a turnoff?

100-veggielove-ad It might be a little cold for this, but if they’re really dedicated … make plans. We’ve heard the cheeseburger set will be there for some cheesecake dessert:


Vegetarians Make Better Lovers, Say Lingerie-Clad Ladies

What: In a public display of passion that’s bound to raise a few eyebrows and turn lots of heads, two PETA beauties—decked out in sexy lingerie—will kiss and pose provocatively on a bed set up on the sidewalk at a busy El Paso intersection on Thursday in order to make the point that vegetarians are better lovers. While the steamy sirens are “getting it on,” activists holding a banner reading, “Vegetarians Make Better Lovers,” will pass out free copies of PETA’s “Vegetarian Starter Kit” to let gaping onlookers know how they can spice up their own sex lives. It’s all part of PETA’s “Live Make-Out Tour” taking place during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.
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February 12, 2009 at 10:58 am

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NPT Capitol: Committee assignments preview

collage-of-legislatorsCommittee assignments will be announced later on today. You can follow NPT’s coverage on our twitter page here and on our homepage here. One thing to look out for with the El Paso delegation is how seniority plays out. With the loss of Moreno and Haggerty, the El Paso delegation lacks this rather important commodity. (Moreno had been around for 40 years and Haggerty for 20.)

Pickett has served for 14 years, which makes him the joint 25th most senior member of the House. Chavez has served for 12 years, Quintanilla for 6, while Marquez and Moody are both newcomers (which means they’ll get what their given.)

Seniority aside, it is worth noting that all five members of the delegation were part of the original 76 members who supported Straus against Craddick for the Speaker’s  gavel. In a pretty evenly divided chamber, with all the talk being of bi-partisanship, that may tip things back in the delegation’s favor.

Below is a list of Committee assignments from the last session. Stay tuned!

Appropriations (Sp)
S/C: General Government
Calendars (VC)
Financial institutions (CBO)

Border and International Affairs (Sp)
Land and resource management (Sr.)

Corrections (Sp.)

Criminal jurisprudence (Sp.)
Defense Affairs and State federal relations (Sp.)

Licensing and administrative procedures (Sp.)
Local government ways and means (Sr.)

Sr=Seniority pick Sp=Speaker pic

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NPT Juxtapose: Kidnappings, what kidnappings? Oh, you meant Phoenix.

More fun with juxtaposition:

The Drug War may not be producing public numbers in El Paso. Remember this story? Drug-related kidnappings in El Paso hard to pin down but ICE stands by 6. Or how about this one: U.S. officials want to talk up business, eventual victory in Juarez (not kidnappings), in which U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes said when questioned about kidnappings on the border: “We need to deal in facts and not in urban legends that have been promulgated here in our community.”

Here’s a hard dose of reality from Phoenix, reported by the Los Angeles Times: Phoenix, kidnap-for-ransom capital

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