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NPT Capitol: Rick “Che” Perry’s new website

Governor Rick Perry has begun a new website called:
The website calls on Americans to “Join the fight” against the “bailout mentality that has seemingly taken over our federal government” by signing the petition.

“With a few simple keystrokes, you have planted your flag on the side of fiscal restraint, common sense and good old fashioned American self reliance,” the site tells you (once signed up). The website has a real old time populist feel to it, complete with blurry masses, an old wooden protest sign and even a melting U.S. flag.

2-10-2009-5-56-12-pmBut you could be forgiven for being confused. How is America “melting” through federal action? How are Kay Bailouts…sorry government bailouts…detrimental to the nation? And how does giving your email address to the Perry campaign equivocate with “tak(ing) action now?”

No need to worry brothers and sisters of the struggle! The website explains with clarity and precision the significance of of our endeavors!

By signing up, “we are dumping tea into a digital harbor in hopes that federal lawmakers will stop the madness and find sensible approaches to our nation’s financial challenges.”

Viva la Revolucion! Storm the Bastille! (PS vote for Perry in the primary)

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February 11, 2009 at 8:10 am

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